Staff List

Executive Staff

Rory A. Cooper, Director
Brad Dicianno, Medical Director
Michael L. Boninger, Senior Associate Medical Director
Alicia M. Koontz
, Senior Associate Director for Research
Rosemarie Cooper, Associate Director for Stakeholder Engagement
Garrett Grindle
, Associate Director for Engineering
Stacy Eckstein, Assistant Director for Clinical and Regulatory Affairs
Daniel Kysela
, Assistant Director for Finance and Research Administration
Gina McKernan, Assistant Director for Data Science
Randy Williams, Assistant Director for Education and Outreach
Andrea Bagay, Administrative Officer and Assistant Director for VA Finance & Research Administration

Core Faculty

Jennifer Collinger, Research Biomedical Engineer
Theresa M. Crytzer, Assistant Professor 
Dan Ding
, Rehabilitation Scientist
Mary Goldberg, Associate Professor
Yetsa A. Tuakli-Wosornu, Faculty
Mike Urbin, Faculty
George F. Wittenberg, Faculty
Lynn Worobey, Research Assistant Professor  

Affiliate Faculty
    *Apply to become Affiliate Faculty

David Beck (January 2020)
Kevin M. Bell (January 2021)
April Chambers
(September 2019)
Diane M. Collins (January 2021)
Christopher Connaboy (September 2019)
Andrea D. Fairman (March 2020)
Dan Fisher (November 2018)
Robert Gaunt (October 2019)
Katya Hill (January 2021)
Deepan Kamaraj (January 2021)
Annmarie Kelleher (December 2018)
Ashli Molinero (March 2019)
Emily Murphy (January 2020)
Bradley Nindl (November 2018)
Bambang Parmanto (November 2018)
Nitin Sharma (September 2019)
Pamela Toto (November 2018)
Doug Weber (February 2021)
Leming Zhou (November 2019)

Global Affiliate Faculty

Eliana Ferretti
Jongbae Kim
Hisaichi Ohnabe
Lucas HV van der Woude
Jue Wang

Internal Advisors

Anthony Delitto
Evan Facher
Steven Graham
Rob A. Rutenbar
Sanjeev Schroff
Gwendolyn Sowa
James E. Taylor

Advisory Board

David Algood
Bruce Doll
Fred Downs
Leah R. Gray
Bryan McCormick
Ashli Molinero
Laurie Paquet
Paul F. Pasquina
Dan Standage

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Jorge Luis Candiotti
Cheng-Shiu Chung
Jonathan Duvall
Charles Lafe
Breelyn Styler


Nithin Ayiluri, Computer Engineer
Josh Brown, Electronics Engineer
Beth Carmona, Program Support Assistant
Nikitha Deepak, Clinical Coordinator
Ian Eckstein, Clinical Coordinator Assistant
Nick Gatto, Research Assistant
Benjamin Gebrosky, Testing Engineer
Samantha Hurst, Clinical Coordinator
Sara Izzo, Research Associate
James Joseph, Veteran Mentor
Joshua Kanode, Shop Staff
Michael Lain, Information Dissemination Coordinator
Josh Marino, Veteran Mentor
Dan McCoy, Research Coordinator
Matt Mesoros, Data Curator
Lindsey Morris, Clinical Coordinator
Robert Powell, Machinist
Libby Powers, Research Assistant
Eleanor Quinby, Research Technician
Chloe Shearer, Statistician
Ron Wesolowski, Program Support/IT Specialist

Graduate Students

Saleh Alqahtani
Michael Huang
Hailee Kulich
Michael Liu
Alexandria Miles
Ahlad Neti
Stephanie Rigot
Shantanu Satpute
Sivashankar Sivakanthan
Andrea Sundaram
Lin Wei

Contact us

Human Engineering Research Laboratories
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
6425 Penn Avenue, Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Phone: 412-822-3700
Fax: 412-822-3699