The Strong Arm is a specialized wheelchair attachment designed to help wheelchair users transfer in and out of their electric powered wheelchair to other surfaces (e.g. chairs and beds) with the assistance of a caregiver. Unlike current technologies used to transfer people such as a floor lift, which is bulky and less easy to transport, the Strong Arm attaches directly to the EPW for transportation and use in the community. 

The Strong Arm uses direct interaction to allow a caregiver to lift the person using the wheelchair with literally one finger by directing a handle located at the end of the arm. It moves around the wheelchair on a track to transfer people on either side, and for easy stowing at the back of the wheelchair. Designed for transfers in confined spaces, it runs on the same battery source provided by the wheelchair without drawing much power. 

The Strong Arm is currently patent-pending; the U.S. patent application number is 13/861,283.

Strong Arm