Patents Awarded:

  1. Wheelchair Hand Rim. U.S. Patent #: 6,276,705, Issued August 21, 2001. Inventors: Mark Baldwin, MS; Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D.; Michael L. Boninger, MD; Albert Vangura, MS; James Ster.
  2. Oblique Angled Suspension Caster Fork for Wheelchairs. U.S. Patent #: 6,892,421 B2, issued May 17, 2005. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D.; William Ammer, BS; Mark McCartney; Corey Blauch, BS. Application Number: 60/338,577.
  3. Power Apparatus for Wheelchairs. U.S. Patent# 7,204,328, issued April 17, 2007. Inventors: Edmund LoPresti, PhD; Steve Hayashi, BS; Richard Simpson, PhD; Rory Cooper, PhD.
  4. Wheelchair Push Rim. U.S.  Patent #: 7,497,456, filed October 29, 2003, issued March 3, 2009. Inventors: Christopher J. Willems; Mark Baldwin, MS; Michael L. Boninger, MD; Rory Cooper, PhD. Application #: 10/697,404.
  5. Personal Vehicle. U.S. Patent #: 7,882,909, filed September 14, 2007, issued February 8, 2011. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman, Ph.D.; Rory Cooper, Ph.D. Application #: 11/901,137.
  6. Variable Compliance Joystick with Compensation Algorithms. U.S. Patent #: 8,264,458, filed January 13, 2009, issued September 11, 2012. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, PhD; Donald Spaeth; Songfeng Guo. Application #: 12/353,248.
  7. User Adjustable Wheelchair Backrest Mounting Hardware. U.S. Patent #: 8,376,463, filed April 30, 2010, issued February 19, 2013. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, PhD; Jonathan L. Pearlman, PhD; Todd Hargroder; Eun-Kyoung Hong; Hsin-Yi Liu; Hongwu Wang; Benjamin A. Salatin. Application #: 12/771,533.
  8. Universal Restraint Mechanism for Wheelchair (Mecanismo de Sujecion Universal para Silla de Ruedas). Colombia Patent 13-141896, issued June 13, 2013. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Mahender Mandala, David Leonardo Hurtado Martinez, Maria Luisa Toro, Genevive Jerome, Joshua Telson. 
  9. Mobile Caster.  U.S. Patent #: 8,490,242, filed July 7, 2011, issued July 23, 2013. Inventors: Rory Cooper, PhD; Andrew Kwarciak, MS; Mark McCartney; Jonathan Pearlman, PhD. Application #: 20110162166.
  10. Robotic Strong Arm. U.S. Patent #: 9,254,234, filed April 11, 2013, issued February 9, 2016. Inventors: Rory Cooper PhD; Garrett Grindle MS; Mark McCartney. Application #: 61622867.
  11. Systems and Method for Driving Evaluation and Training. U.S. Patent #: 9,623,865, filed June 13, 2014, issued April 18, 2017. Inventors: Nahom Beyene, Amy Lane, Rory Cooper, Josh Brown. Application #: 62011803.
  12. Pathway Measurement Devices, Systems and Methods. U.S. Patent #: 10,101,254, filed January 15, 2015, issued October 16, 2018. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman, Eric Sinagra, Jonathan Duvall, Josh Brown, Dianna Stuckey, Tianyang Chen, Ian McIntyre, Rory A. Cooper. Application #: 14/597,721. 


Patents Filed:

  1. Improved Caster and System for Mobile Device. Application# 20080209673. Filed February 22, 2008. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Mark McCartney, and Andrew Kwarciak.
  2. Angle Adjustment Backrest. Application# 20100276975. Filed April 30, 2009. Inventors: Rory Cooper and Jonathan Pearlman.
  3. Splint for Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injury of the Hand. Application# 20110245747. Filed February 22, 2010. Inventors: Ronit Wollstein, Thomas Ogden, Jonathan Pearlman, Rory A. Cooper, David White, and Miriam Zisook.
  4. Steering Mechanism for a Personal Vehicle. Application# 20110162905. Filed July 7, 2011. Inventors: Rory Cooper and Jonathan Pearlman.
  5. Active Stability Devices and Systems for Mobile Devices. Application# 20130197732. Filed January 26, 2012. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman, Joanthan Duvall, Benjamin Gebrosky, and Rory A. Cooper.
  6. Pathway Measurement Devices, Systems and Methods. Application# 20150198440. Filed January 15, 2014. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman, Eric Sinagra, Jonathan Duvall, Josh Brown, Dianna Stuckey, Tianyang Chen, Ian McIntyre, and Rory A. Cooper.
  7. Seating Function Monitoring and Coaching System. Application# 20150209207. Filed January 30, 2014. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Yu-Kuang Wu, Brandon Daveler, Hsinyi Liu, Hong Wu Wang, Jonathan Pearlman, and Garrett G. Grindle.
  8. Furniture-Integrated Weight Measurement System and Load Cell for Same. U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/105,809. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman and Rory A. Cooper.
  9. Pneumatic Powered Mobility Devices. U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/274,556 and International Patent Cooperation Treaty #PCT/US2017/012123. Inventors: Hongwu Wang, Rory A. Cooper, Brandon Joseph Daveler, Benjamin T. Gebrosky, Garrett G. Grindle, Jonathan L. Pearlman, Urs Schneider, David Minzenmay, Bernhard Budaker, Amir Ebrahimi.


Disclosures Filed:

  1. GameCycle: An Upper Body Exercise System for People with Disabilities. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D., and Michael L. Boninger, MD
  2. Adjustable Arm-Cycle for People with Disabilities. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D.
  3. Light Weight Wheelchair Training System. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Emily Zipfel, BFA, Chris Willems, MBA, Cleopatra Nacopoulos
  4. Remote Controlled Retractable Cane for the Visually Impaired (PDF). Inventors: Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Songfeng Guo, Ph.D., Garrett Grindle, BS, Bruce Blasch, Ph.D.,Vincent Ramsey, Ph.D., Akio Kita. VA 06-079, no patent filed.
  5. Head Position Monitor. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Donald Spaeth, Ph.D., Karl Brown, BS, Alex Bevly III, BS. No Patent Filed.
  6. Data Logger Safety System (PDF). Inventors: Dan Ding, Ph.D., Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Elizabeth Leister, M.S. VA 05-149, no patent filed.
  7. Intuitive Interaction with and Assistive Robot. Inventors: Bambi Brewer, PhD, Rory Cooper, PhD, Heather Markham, MS. Pitt Ref.: 01764.