Patents Awarded:

  1. Wheelchair Hand Rim. U.S. Patent #: 6,276,705, Issued August 21, 2001. Inventors: Mark Baldwin, MS; Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D.; Michael L. Boninger, MD; Albert Vangura, MS; James Ster.
  2. Oblique Angled Suspension Caster Fork for Wheelchairs. U.S. Patent #: 6,892,421 B2, issued May 17, 2005. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D.; William Ammer, BS; Mark McCartney; Corey Blauch, BS. Application Number: 60/338,577.
  3. Power Apparatus for Wheelchairs. U.S. Patent# 7,204,328, issued April 17, 2007. Inventors: Edmund LoPresti, PhD; Steve Hayashi, BS; Richard Simpson, PhD; Rory Cooper, PhD.
  4. Wheelchair Push Rim. U.S.  Patent #: 7,497,456, filed October 29, 2003, issued March 3, 2009. Inventors: Christopher J. Willems; Mark Baldwin, MS; Michael L. Boninger, MD; Rory Cooper, PhD. Application #: 10/697,404.
  5. Personal Vehicle. U.S. Patent #: 7,882,909, filed September 14, 2007, issued February 8, 2011. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman, Ph.D.; Rory Cooper, Ph.D. Application #: 11/901,137.
  6. Variable Compliance Joystick with Compensation Algorithms. U.S. Patent #: 8,264,458, filed January 13, 2009, issued September 11, 2012. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, PhD; Donald Spaeth; Songfeng Guo. Application #: 12/353,248.
  7. User Adjustable Wheelchair Backrest Mounting Hardware. U.S. Patent #: 8,376,463, filed April 30, 2010, issued February 19, 2013. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, PhD; Jonathan L. Pearlman, PhD; Todd Hargroder; Eun-Kyoung Hong; Hsin-Yi Liu; Hongwu Wang; Benjamin A. Salatin. Application #: 12/771,533.
  8. Universal Restraint Mechanism for Wheelchair (Mecanismo de Sujecion Universal para Silla de Ruedas). Colombia Patent 13-141896, issued June 13, 2013. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Mahender Mandala, David Leonardo Hurtado Martinez, Maria Luisa Toro, Genevive Jerome, Joshua Telson. 
  9. Mobile Caster.  U.S. Patent #: 8,490,242, filed July 7, 2011, issued July 23, 2013. Inventors: Rory Cooper, PhD; Andrew Kwarciak, MS; Mark McCartney; Jonathan Pearlman, PhD. Application #: 20110162166.
  10. Robotic Strong Arm. U.S. Patent #: 9,254,234, filed April 11, 2013, issued February 9, 2016. Inventors: Rory Cooper PhD; Garrett Grindle MS; Mark McCartney. Application #: 61622867.
  11. Systems and Method for Driving Evaluation and Training. U.S. Patent #: 9,623,865, filed June 13, 2014, issued April 18, 2017. Inventors: Nahom Beyene, Amy Lane, Rory Cooper, Josh Brown. Application #: 62011803.
  12. Pathway Measurement Devices, Systems and Methods. U.S. Patent #: 10,101,254, filed January 15, 2015, issued October 16, 2018. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman, Eric Sinagra, Jonathan Duvall, Josh Brown, Dianna Stuckey, Tianyang Chen, Ian McIntyre, Rory A. Cooper. Application #: 14/597,721. 
  13. Active Stability Devices and Systems for Mobile Devices. U.S. Patent #: 10,289,650, filed September 22, 2016, issued May 14, 2019. Inventors: Jonathan L. Pearlman, Jonathan A. Duvall, Benjamin T. Gebrosky, Rory A. Cooper. Application #: 15/273,116.
  14. Systems and Methods for Powered Wheelchair Personal Transfer. U.S. Patent #: 10,322,048, filed January 13, 2018, issued June 18, 2019. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, David Beckstrom, Raymond A. Curtolo, Garrett Grindle, Richard Kovacsics. Application #: 15/883,908.
  15. Pathway Measurement Devices, Systems and Methods. U.S. Patent #: 10,690,774, filed August 24, 2018, issued June 23, 2020. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman, Eric Sinagra, Jonathan Duvall, Josh Brown, Dianna Stuckey, Tianyang Chen, Ian McIntyre, Rory A. Cooper. Application #: 16/111,921.

Design Patents Awarded:

1. Computer Pointing Device. U.S. Patent D894,899, filed March 29, 2019, issued September 1, 2020. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Garrett Grindle, Zak Anzelone, Aaron Anderson. Application #: 29/685,637.

Patents Filed:

  1. Improved Caster and System for Mobile Device. Application# 20080209673. Filed February 22, 2008. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Mark McCartney, and Andrew Kwarciak.
  2. Angle Adjustment Backrest. Application# 20100276975. Filed April 30, 2009. Inventors: Rory Cooper and Jonathan Pearlman.
  3. Splint for Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injury of the Hand. Application# 20110245747. Filed February 22, 2010. Inventors: Ronit Wollstein, Thomas Ogden, Jonathan Pearlman, Rory A. Cooper, David White, and Miriam Zisook.
  4. Steering Mechanism for a Personal Vehicle. Application# 20110162905. Filed July 7, 2011. Inventors: Rory Cooper and Jonathan Pearlman.
  5. Seating Function Monitoring and Coaching System. Application# 20150209207. Filed January 30, 2014. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Yu-Kuang Wu, Brandon Daveler, Hsinyi Liu, Hong Wu Wang, Jonathan Pearlman, and Garrett G. Grindle.
  6. Furniture-Integrated Weight Measurement System and Load Cell for Same. U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/105,809. Inventors: Jonathan Pearlman and Rory A. Cooper.
  7. Pneumatic Powered Mobility Devices. U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/274,556 and International Patent Cooperation Treaty #PCT/US2017/012123. Inventors: Hongwu Wang, Rory A. Cooper, Brandon Joseph Daveler, Benjamin T. Gebrosky, Garrett G. Grindle, Jonathan L. Pearlman, Urs Schneider, David Minzenmay, Bernhard Budaker, Amir Ebrahimi.
  8. Hand Bicycle Pedal. U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/847035. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Benjamin Gebrosky. Filed May 13, 2019.


Disclosures Filed:

  1. GameCycle: An Upper Body Exercise System for People with Disabilities. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D., and Michael L. Boninger, MD
  2. Adjustable Arm-Cycle for People with Disabilities. Inventors: Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D.
  3. Light Weight Wheelchair Training System. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Emily Zipfel, BFA, Chris Willems, MBA, Cleopatra Nacopoulos
  4. Remote Controlled Retractable Cane for the Visually Impaired (PDF). Inventors: Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Songfeng Guo, Ph.D., Garrett Grindle, BS, Bruce Blasch, Ph.D.,Vincent Ramsey, Ph.D., Akio Kita. VA 06-079, no patent filed.
  5. Head Position Monitor. Inventors: Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Donald Spaeth, Ph.D., Karl Brown, BS, Alex Bevly III, BS. No Patent Filed.
  6. Data Logger Safety System (PDF). Inventors: Dan Ding, Ph.D., Rory Cooper, Ph.D., Elizabeth Leister, M.S. VA 05-149, no patent filed.
  7. Intuitive Interaction with and Assistive Robot. Inventors: Bambi Brewer, PhD, Rory Cooper, PhD, Heather Markham, MS. Pitt Ref.: 01764.