Sara Izzo Research Associate


Sara Izzo is a research associate at HERL and in the Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. She is the data manager for the National Spina Bifida Research Registry for the CDC since 2014 at the Mercy Adult Clinic and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Sara studied sociology and psychology at Penn State University and is currently finishing her degree at the University of Pittsburgh in neuropsychology.  Sara oversees the adult clinic’s research studies, financial assistance program and the clinic’s volunteers. As a patient with spina bifida herself, Sara piloted the Peer Support Counseling Method at the Mercy Adult Spina Bifida clinic. This program assists in providing more communicative support within the medical team and aids in the development of patient independence.  She has also served as a member of a PCORI steering committee, participating in efforts for improving the care in patients with spinal cord conditions.