Jongbae Kim International Faculty


Jongbae Kim, Ph.D. works for Yonsei University, as an Associate Professor of Department of Occupational Therapy, the director of YESTEC (Yonsei Enabling Science and Technology Research Center), and the chief instructor of Graduate Program of Enabling Technology. He also was appointed as an Adjunct Professor of University of Pittsburgh. He worked for National Rehabilitation Research Institute, Seoul, Korea as Vice-Director for 5 years before he moved to Yonsei University March 1st 2014. He received Ph.D. degrees and worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh. Within rehabilitation science he specializes in seating and mobility, telerehabilitation, virtual reality application, adaptive sports devices, and rehabilitation robotics. He directed around 10 government-funded research and service projects including rehabilitation robot translational researches and assistive technology R&D and service projects in Korea. He served as the director of the Rehabilitation Robot Translational Research Center. While he was studying the MS program at KAIST, he became spinal cord injured as the result of fall and became quadriplegic. It is his sincere hope that his experiences with SCI for 27 years can be used to help develop solutions for improving educational, vocational and quality of life aids and services for future generations of people with SCI and other disabilities.