Hisaichi Ohnabe International Faculty


Hisaichi Ohnabe graduated from Japan Coast Guard Academy in 1962 and joined IHI. He engaged to research and development of the following projects:


  • Marine steam turbine for the biggest tanker at that time;
  • Civil aero engine (structure & strength), V2500 (Five Nations [UK, USA, Germany, Italy and Japan] Collaboration Project);
  • Composite materials for Aero Engine and Space Operation.


Hisaichi undertook a Master of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering degree in 1971 as a Fulbright exchange student and then a Ph.D. at the University of Delaware in 1975.  After retiring from IHI, he became a professor in the Department of Biocybernetics, Faculty of Engineering, Niigata University from 1998, and also a professor in the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Niigata University. Hisaichi then joined the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, at the University of Pittsburgh and Human Engineering Research Laboratories, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, as visiting professor in April 2004 and as Adjunct Professor in October 2005.  

Following his positions in the U.S, Hisaichi returned to Japan and became a professor of Niigata University of Health & Welfare in March 2006. There, he was a professor in the Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics and Assistive Technology, School of Health Sciences, and he has been a professor in the Graduate School and created the Rehabilitation Science and Assistive Technology Subject and has taught credit hours in English. Hisaichi is now a professor emeritus of Niigata University of Health & Welfare  He continues as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

Hisaichi was a former board member (director of international affairs) of the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of JAPAN (RESJA) from 2009 to 2013 and he has been a board member of the Japanese Society for Wellbeing Science and Assistive Technology since 2015. He is also an advisory board member of the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP).