Gina McKernan Statistician

Office: (412) 822-3695

Gina McKernan, PhD, is a statistician and data scientist with expertise in applying machine-learning (ML) algorithms to current healthcare problems. She is a Research Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. McKernan has led research efforts to develop value metrics of individual healthcare consumers on both the payer and provider sides by applying ML techniques, such as Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods and Negative Binomial Distribution to create customer lifetime value. In addition, Dr. McKernan has constructed and advanced several large-scale customer and clinical segmentation studies. Recently, Dr. McKernan was responsible for developing and validating a virtual patient-physician matching tool, using a distance-matching response algorithm and item response theory.  Dr. McKernan received an MA and PhD in Research Methodology from the University of Pittsburgh. She has held numerous academic and industry positions.

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Mondays 9:30-10:30am and 2:00-3:00pm, and by appointment

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