Warrior Transition Textbook Released

Warrior Transition Leader book image

Rehabilitation specialists, doctors, nurses, students, and military VIPs - most notably Army Surgeon General LTC Eric B. Schoomaker - all attended the latest State of the Science Symposium to celebrate the Borden Institute's release of the Warrior Transition Leader Medical Rehabilitation Handbook, edited by HERL Director Rory A. Cooper, Phd, COL Paul F. Pasquina, MD, and Ron Drach.

Held at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, the symposium featured presentations by some of the book's authors. Over 200 people attended, and all received copies of the book. The editors and LTG Schoomaker autographed the books following the symposium.

The editors received special Army commendations from LTG Schoomaker for their work and dedication. Most notably, Dr. Cooper received the Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service, which is the highest award a civilian can receive from the Army.

The Warrior Transition Leader Medical Rehabilitation Handbook is available online as a PDF on the Borden Institute website at http://www.bordeninstitute.army.mil/other_pub/wtl/WarriorTransition_web.pdf.

Dr. Cooper receives award from LTG Schoomaker