Research Team Receives Patent

On September 11, 2012, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Patent No. 8,264,458 to Dr. Rory A. Cooper, Donald Spaeth, and Songfeng Guo for their Variable Compliance Joystick with Compensation Algorithms. According to the abstract: 

The present invention provides variable compliance joysticks with mechanical and software customization, and with an integrated control capability, and a method of systematically determining the best mechanical settings and compensatory algorithms to embed in the joysticks to offer an individual with substantial upper extremity motor impairments a personal fit and maximum function. The joysticks may include components for varying the compliance and dampening of the joystick shaft. The method may include providing the user access to operate the joysticks, operatively connecting the joysticks to a driving simulator, displaying an icon on the driving simulator, controlling movement of the icon by the joysticks, evaluating performance of the user based upon the user's ability to control movement of the icon, and modifying hardware settings and software algorithms for the joysticks based upon the evaluation.

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