HERL Featured in Online Videos

HERL is in the spotlight in several recently released Internet videos!

The first, produced by Department of Veterans Affairs VISN-4, focuses on new capabilities in 3D printing. HERL’s 3D printers make use of technology so advanced that they can literally print anything that can be created on a computer, using plastic, metal, or rubber. HERL is using this advanced 3D printing technology for the benefit of Veterans – to find out how, go to http://www.visn4.va.gov/herl-3d-printing.asp

The second, on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh-6kS-bwQs, features members of the University of Pittsburgh's Student Disability Advocacy group - a number of whom are also researchers at HERL - in a video entry for the I Want to Work PA campaign. The Goal of I Want to Work PA is to ensure young adults with disabilities get the employment opportunities they rightfully deserve so they can live full, independent lives.

Finally, HERL director Dr. Rory Cooper is featured in a video direct from the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Dallas, discussing adaptive technology advances and how they are used to help Veterans and all people with disabilities.