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Current positions open at the
Human Engineering Research Laboratories

Assistant Director for Finance and Research Administration
The incumbent will be responsible for the overall university administration and coordination of the university activities of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) under the supervision of the Director and CEO of HERL. This position has direct administrative responsibility and oversight for all university administrative aspects of budgeting (planning, recording, reconciling, projecting), and submission of requests for all personnel actions (recruiting, hiring, reviewing, renewing, terminating) to the Dean’s Office. This position involves coordination of all university grant and contract submissions for HERL. The incumbent provides financial and administrative support to the Director/CEO, Medical Director/COO, Faculty and staff. Incumbent is responsible for coordination of these and other administrative actions (planning, liaison, ordering) of HERL with similar efforts of University offices. The incumbent supervises the Assistant to the Director as well as oversees the workflow of HERL staff. Incumbent provides recommendations for various personnel actions for exempt and non-exempt employees for HERL and must be able to apply policies to dynamic and complex conditions. Problems generally require significant analysis and judgment. Solutions to problems include using University policies, procedures and systems to address unique situations. Incumbent is responsible for preparation of complex reports, analysis and proposals and formulates, monitors and controls all HERL university budgets.

Progressive experience in administrative/HR settings required.

To apply, go to join.pitt.edu.

Social Media/Communications Internship