CAESOR Training Faculty

NameAppointmentResearch Interest
Rory Cooper PhD, Distinguished ProfessorRehabilitation Science & Technology, BioengineeringWheeled mobility, lower-limb prosthesis, assistive robotics
David Brienza PhD, ProfessorRehabilitation Science & Technology, BioengineeringPressure ulcers, tissue biomechanics, telerehabilitation
Mike McCue PhD, ProfessorRehabilitation Science & TechnologyClinical neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation, Vocational rehabilitation
Kate Seelman PhD, ProfessorRehabilitation Science & TechnologyDisability studies, technology adoption, public policy
Michael Boninger MD, ProfessorPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Science & TechnologySpinal cord injury, assistive technology, brain computer interface
Dan Ding PhD, Associate ProfessorRehabilitation Science & Technology, BioengineeringWearable devices and mHealth, assistive robotics, assistive technology development and evaluation
Alicia Koontz PhD, Associate ProfessorRehabilitation Science & Technology, BioengineeringRehabilitation biomechanics, injury prevention
Brad Dicianno MD, Associate ProfessorPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Science & TechnologyPreventative care using mHealth applications, movement disorder and motor control, telerehabiliation
Mark Schmeler PhD, Assistant ProfessorRehabilitation Science & TechnologyWheeled mobility and seating, outcomes, telerehabiliation, policy
Jon Pearlman PhD, Assistant ProfessorRehabilitation Science & Technology, BioengineeringWheeled mobility product design, technology transfer, participatory action design
Jennifer Collinger PhD, Assistant ProfessorPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Science & TechnologyBrain computer interface, neuroprosthetics, spinal cord injury
Goeran Fiedler PhD, Assistant ProfessorRehabilitation Science & TechnologyProsthetics and orthotics, gait biomechanics
Theresa Crytzer PhD, Assistant Professor Rehabilitation Science & TechnologyLifestyle interventions, spina bifida, exercise physiology

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