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Career Advancement for Engineers in the Science of Rehabilitation

The objective of the CAESOR program is to increase the number of rigorously trained, extramurally competitive, and scientifically productive engineering researchers in the field of rehabilitation science and engineering.


The eligibility criteria for the Career Advancement for Engineers in the Science of Rehabilitation (CAESOR) program include:

  • Having a Ph.D. or equivalent professional degree in engineering or a related discipline at the time of application to the program; 
  • Showing evidence of expertise in their disciplines; 
  • Not being or having been a Principal Investigator on a sizable research grant award in the field of rehabilitation; 
  • Showing genuine interest in rehabilitation engineering, and planning to pursue a rehabilitation research related career. 

There is no limitation on U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.

Amount and Duration of the Fellowship

Trainees will receive a stipend at $48,000/year with health insurance coverage, and a $2,500 allowance for travel and research allowance for the two years of training. Awards are made for one year but are renewable for a second year based on the availability of funding and progress made during the first year of training as evidenced by completion of the training requirements and recommendation from the primary mentor.

Application Process

The application process will be a two-step process.

Step 1: individuals interested in the program must submit the following documentation: 1) an application form; 2) a curriculum vitae; 3) academic transcripts; 4) an essay that describes their interests and career goals in rehabilitation science and engineering; and 5) three letters of recommendation. The application package will be evaluated based on the academic background, dedication to rehabilitation research, and future career plans.

Step 2: Applicants who pass the initial review will be referred to one or more potential primary 
mentors based on the applicant’s research interest. The program staff will then forward the application materials to the potential mentor(s). After the potential mentor(s) indicates an interest in working with the applicant, the program staff will connect the applicant with the potential mentor(s). An interview will be arranged for the applicant to meet with the potential mentor(s) and the directors, and give a presentation to the students, staff, and faculty in the department. The applicant will be asked to work with the potential mentor(s) to develop a research proposal and a training plan that addresses the training requirements in the training guideline. The trainee’s research proposal and training plan will be evaluated. The principal requirement for selection will be based on the interdisciplinary nature of the research, the potential for extramural funding, the adequacy of the training plan, and the commitment of research mentor(s).

Please contact HERL for any questions.

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